Our Network and Peering

The core equipment at all of our facilities is Cisco. Our core routers in Tor1  (151 Front Street, Toronto, Ontario) are Cisco ASR9000, with Cisco Nexus 7000 switches. Everything is fully redundant. In Wat1 (Waterloo, Ontario) we have multiple fibre connections back to Tor1 and operate on redundant Nexus 7000 switches directly connected back to Tor1. 

Internet Access

Looking for private Internet access – we can create custom solutions for you. If it is simple Internet access via fibre, or direct to the datacenter (Tor1 or Wat1) with Internet access we can do both. We also offer internet access via Wat1 and Tor1 facilities.


If you are interested in peering with AS4508 (NeuStyle) please contact us. We have an open peering policy and can connect at any of our facilities, Tor1, Wat1, or via TorIX.